Axial Evap Tower01sf


The axial cooling tower VAP is applied where large amounts of water are required for refrigeration machines and / or low cooling water temperatures need to be reached. There are no high standards for water quality. In the Industry the cooling water of air compressors, diesel engines and generators, e.g. rolling stock, lubricating oils and cooling emulsions, etc. can be re-cooled and reused the application of a VAP cooling tower for water re-cooling is based on the high evaporation (latent) heat of water. Through the application of a re-cooling unit some appreciable water saving of up to 98% can be achieved. Efficiency, simple assembly, corrosion resistance and the extremely lightweight design make the VAP the ideal cooler for

  • high re-cooling performance
  • limited installation spaces
  • limited roof loads (static of buildings)


  • Very small installation surface
  • Very low water outlet temperatures Smallest weight of all re-coolers with equal cooling capacity
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance, large access area
  • can be completely disassembled for cleaning
  • Direct drive motors (better efficiency and no more V-belts or gearboxes)
  • Least expensive and most efficient kind of re-cooling
  • Uncomplicated and robust system
  • Very low acquisition cost
  • Low electric power consumption
  • Water quality according to VDI 3803 applicable without limitations
  • Sound reduction possible by use or silencers

3 different models from 900 KW to 2050 KW are available