• No water treatment required
  • No chemicals needed
  • No water spray in airflowTopaz Cooler01
  • Elimination of Legionella Riskno bacteriological growth !
  • Very low water consumption (savings to 70 %)
  • Permanent magnet motors (efficiency better IE3)
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy maintenance due to vertical H shape of the tube coils
  • full access through a central door

GHL_HEGER Product Overview 9-15USA_009

Our TOPAZ Adiabatic Cooler is a combination of a dry cooler with an adiabatic pre-cooling section.

This pre-cooling section lowers the ambient air temperature by evaporating water.

The water is passed over cooling / humidifying pads, specially designed for this purpose.

The fluid is cooled in the dry tube coil by ambient air flow.

The ambient air is drawn through the coils by fans mounted centrally on top of the Cooler Unit; the humidifying pads located in front of the coils are dry when wet bulb temperature is below 23 deg C (73.4 deg F).

The Wet/Dry set point is around 23 deg C (73.4 deg F) in continental climate for a fluid outlet temperature of 27 deg C (80.6 deg F)

This saves a lot of water from day to night and all the days when the temperature is below 23 deg C (73.4 deg F)

The fan speed is controlled by VFD depending on heat load to maintain the fluid outlet temperature.

The warm air is evacuated upwards.

When cooling in dry mode is not effective and the ambient temperature reaches a predetermined set point, the pads are saturated with water from the sump.

The ambient air is cooled by evaporation while passing through the pads. This pre-cooled air then passes through the tube coils and cools the fluid.

The water which has not been evaporated on the pads is collected in a stainless steel collection sump.

The collected water is re-circulated in the process and distributed over the pads again.

The water savings are significant and no water treatment is required.

No chemicals needed !

There is no bacteriological risk associated with this cooler (no Legionella etc.)

Winter Operation

The primary cycle is filled with a 35% Ethylene Glycol mixture with a freezing point of  -21.8 deg C (-7.24 deg F).

At temperatures lower +12 deg C (53.6 deg F) the humidification system is emptied and the replenishment valve closes automatically.

The TOPAZ range is robust due to its design and choice of materials, and specially developed for both industrial and urban environments.