The DT cooling tower is used where chillers require large quantities of water. In industry the cooling water from air compressors, diesel engines and generators can be re-cooled and recirculated. The use of a cooling towers for re-cooling water is based on the high evaporation temperature of water. By using a heat ex-changer, up to 98% of water can be saved.

The application of a cooling tower for water re-cooling is based on the high vaporization (latent) heat of water. Through the application of a re-cooling unit some appreciable water saving of up to 98% can be achieved. Space-saving design, easy assembly easy maintenance and operations plus an extensive array of accessories make the DT cooling tower an unbeatable choice.

DT Cooling Tower01sf


  • no high demand on the quality of the cooling water
  • initial costs more important than maintenance costs
  • low cooling water temperatures (approx. 5K above wet-bulb temperature)

Areas of use:

  • in the open
  • on top floors
  • in rooms with high ceilingsGohl Heger Highly Efficient Cooling red 001

Your benefit:

  • uncomplicated system / easy maintenance
  • small dimensions / space-saving design
  • low noise level
  • low weight
  • low consumption of electricity
  • low investment costs
  • simple installation
  • extensive range of accessories


With the Cooling Tower DT XL GOHL-HEGER has designed a Tower with a higher cooling capacity (15% more) with the same floor space requirements.this is great when there is limited space to place the coolers.


The side-stream cooling tower is used where large amounts of water are required for refrigeration machines (same as vapor tower), but where the installation conditions, for reasons of space, only allow a lateral connection of the air duct system, i.e. in the mezzanine, basement or rooms with low ceilings.

Horizontal ducting, exhaust air deflectors are integrated in the device – no incidence of debris entering the cooler from above