Cooling tower with closed circuit–type VK–Evaporative Cooler

The water that needs to be cooled flows via an inlet into a heat-exchanger coil system (primary circuit). The water for cooling, is wetting the heat-exchanger coil system, evaporates and cools the coils (secondary circuit).

In situations where clean, non-deposit forming or corrosive fluid is required for your cooling needs, Closed Circuit Coolers provide optimal performance.

The VK Evaporative Cooler comes in a comparative compact design.

The units can be installed outdoors without requiring a large installation area. With the appropriate precautions (antifreeze), year-round operations are no problem.



  • used if there are high requirements to the cooling medium
  • no corrosion in the closed primary circuit
  • very low water outlet temperatures reachable through evaporation
  • hybrid / dry-cooling operation possible
  • low complexity and very solid system performance
  • low noise level because of closed construction
  • low energy consumption
  • very economic and efficient way to cool
  • water quality in accordance with VDI 3803 without limitation applicable
  • easy accessibility for maintenance due to design of the units
  • outside or inside installation of the units (inside installation of the units with corresponding ducts possible)
  • additional reduction of noise level possible (silencers)
  • winter-operation also possible without antifreeze (glycol)

VK Closed Cirquit Cooling Tower Schematic01SF